Joanna Galica-Dorula

3rd Place of the 2019 Hand & Lock Prize, Open Fashion Category

"With my application I would like to draw attention to embroidery made in Poland. I think we have something to be proud of."

— Joanna Galica-Dorula

Joanna Galica-Dorula has been professionally involved in embroidery for 10 years. She is the owner of company ManusAtelier Haft Artystyczny in Poland and designs her own motifs, floral themes being her speciality.

The project that earned her third place in her first ever entry to the H&L Prize in 2019 was a green velvet cape with floral and sacred motifs embroidered with cotton cross stitch and a cordon.

Attending to the sustainability element proposed in the brief, the designer used plastic bottle cutouts to embellish her garment, acclaiming recycled beauty.

‘I wanted to combine velvet fabric, decorative rhinestones and exquisite embroidery with elements from everyday used products.’ she stated.

A beautiful hand-embroidered panel of a knight decorates the green velvet of the back of the coat. To Galica-Dorula the green symbolises money and consumerism, from which the brave knight must defend the earth.

You can see more of her work here.

Joanna Galica-Dorula
Close up detail of Joanna Galica-Dorula's embroidery.
Joanna Galica-Dorula
Joanna Galica-Dorula's entry on exhibition at the 2019 H&L Prize
Joanna Galica-Dorula
Joanna Galica-Dorula receiving her award from H&L chairman Alastair Macleod
Joanna Galica-Dorula
Joanna Galica-Dorula's creative process.
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