Inge Tiemens

Winner of the 2019 Hand & Lock Prize, Student Textile Category

"By creating my own unusual beads I try to offer a new form of sustainable embroidery, a symbiosis between nature and craftmanship".

— Inge Tiemens

Graduate of Amsterdam Fashion Institute, textile designer and embroidery artist Inge Tiemens says that the process of embroidering allows her to slow down and feel peaceful. As such, her submission for the 2019 Hand & Lock Prize for embroidery exudes a sense of calm tranquillity.


Featuring hand sculpted clay beads and moth wings this wearable textile art-piece evoked body armour whilst also projecting an otherworldly serenity. Tiemens explained that the work is inspired by the notion of ‘Solastalgia’, a kind of homesickness we feel when our natural order in under threat.


Passionate about her art she explains ‘…in my current position as a design student I have strong feelings about keeping the art of craft alive. But also to create new ways of beading, with surprising natural elements instead of artificial and plastic materials’.

You can see more of her work here

Inge Tiemens
Embroidery detail of the art of Inge Tiemens
Official Hand and Lock Photograph of Inge Tiemens' work for the Prize
Chairman of Hand & Lock Alastair Macleod with Inge Tiemens
Inge Tiemens' preliminary research for the 2019 Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery
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