2023 Finalists - Student Textile Art

After months of waiting and hoping, our Hand & Lock Prize finalists have finally been announced. The finalists were informed by email and their names are now being published on social media. From hundreds of entrants, our esteemed judging panel have selected 24 finalists for the 2023 Prize, six in each of the four judging categories. These talented embroiderers are now working with our mentors to develop their final ideas. Whatever their final piece looks like, you’ll have to wait to see it at the prize exhibition and prize giving. In the meantime see below for their names and hints of their impressive submission.

Ji Young Kim



Ji Young Kim is a thinker, maker, and artist. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, she currently stays in New York City studying MFA textiles at Parsons.
Her work is an amalgamation of fiber, textile, sculpture, installation, and painting. Through traditional textile techniques, she is trying to create new 3-dimensional work. 

Hannah Glossop


HannahGlossopportrait sq

Hannah Glossop is a textile designer, specialising in mixed media. Her experimental approach to stitch, texture and pattern, allows her to create designs with youthful and contemporary energy.  With a passion for vibrant colour and a focus on sustainability. Hannah Invokes fantasy through the beauty of digital embroidery and beadwork.

Fiza Shahid



As a Graduate from The Royal School of Needlework, Fiza trained extensively in enhancing her artisan voice. Inspired by her beliefs and values, she illustrates centuries old mediums in a fresh and contemporary manner. With each thread and stitch, you are immersed into a story with heavily embedded deep history. 

Hannah Jaumot



Hannah Jaumot is a textile and embroidery artist from Saint Augustine, Florida.  She currently works in Savannah, Georgia after graduating with a BFA in Fibres from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Aside from her main passion of embroidery, Hannah also works in several different mediums including painting, illustration, screen printing, and weaving.  


Lizzie Gray grew up on a farm in Devon which sparked her interest in the natural world. Struggling in school due to her dyslexia, she found relief in art. Lizzie completed an Extended Diploma at UCA, where she learned of the Royal School of Needlework. Amazed by their work, Lizzie applied successfully, graduating in 2023 with a First-Class Hons in Hand Embroidery. 

Francesca Power



Francesca is a multidisciplinary embroidery graduate from Nottingham Trent University. She spent a year prior in industry, working for Miss Sohee on 3D sculptural couture pieces and alongside Liberty, developing floral accessories. This mix of experience influences her design. With the final piece being tailored for a performance setting: couture textile art lending itself to the fantasticalness of the concept.

Emily Barnett



Emily is a textile artist specialising in hand embroidery for the luxury interiors sector. She is inspired by nature, influenced by her childhood in the Hampshire countryside. Creating a sense of place is something she endeavours to do, allowing her to bring the story places she is inspired by to life.

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