Hand guided machine embroidery

An efficient and cost effective method for embroidering larger areas with decorative stitches.

Unlike digital machine embroidery, the hand guided machines require a human to actively steer the embroidery and control the speed and direction of the machine. Hand guided machine embroidery is a perfect fusion of the speed and precision of the machine with the artistry and skill of the skilled embroiderer. Hand & Lock use a host of hand guided machines including the Irish, the Cornely and the Trapunto which all make use of a skilled operator to create bespoke large scale embroideries.

Ideal for projects where a large area might need to be covered in embroidery such as interior furnishings, denim jackets, flags and banners, Hand guided machine embroidery is a popular option with interior designers, set designers for theatre and film and stylists wanting to create bold bespoke fashions for their clients. The different machines offer a variety of textures and can be a convincing approximation for hand embroidery.

Prices are subject to design and production. For bespoke hand guided machine embroidery the price will be based complexity, size and design times.

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Examples of our Hand Guided Machine Embroidery

Different hand guided machines are called produce different textures and effects. The Irish machine produces a zig-zag stitch much like a satin stitch, the Cornely machine produces chain stitch embroidery while the Trapunto machine uses air pressure and cotton wadding to create a raised quilted effect. Your designer will discuss the best option to produce your desired effect.

Three dimensional hand guided botanical pocket with satin applique
Hand guided fine detail 'Japanese style' storks and clouds sampler
Hand guided machine embroidered fruit with 'silk shading' style colour blending
Hand guided design for Spinocchia Freund interior design

Customer Projects