Spinocchia Freund

Interior design with embroidered cushions

Founded by Brigitta Spinocchia Freund, British interior design house Spinocchia Freund, were tasked with dressing the interiors of the 55 million penthouse in London’s iconic Centre Point tower. Bought in 2011 by developers Almacantar, the building has undergone a luxury makeover and includes a luxury  600 square metre duplex

apartment replete with multiple living areas, a large bar, dining room, cinema, music room, and a wine tasting room.

In addition to the usual luxury bespoke furniture pieces, Spinocchia Freund, wanted to include the finest embroidered finishes for the music room.

Hand & Lock were tasked with creating bespoke embroidered cushion covers that were at once unique and also luxurious. All embroidered by hand and hand guided machine the embroiderers used tambour beading with bugles, and seed beads, along with a vintage Singer hand guided machine. The finished cushions are truly one of a kind.

Spinocchia Embroidery
Spinocchia Freund Interior Design Project
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