Bridgerton Embroidery

Hand & Lock create embroidery for the hit Netflix series

Inspired by the Julia Quinn novels and set in Regency era England the smash hit Netflix series Bridgerton tells the story of the eponymous aristocratic family and their rivals, the Fetheringtons. Each episode is narrated by an anonymous scandalous newsletter columnist Lady Whistledown, voiced by Julie Andrews.

Drawing room scenes featuring the ladies sat working on their embroidery were made possible with the help of Hand & Lock. Tasked with producing embroideries on a tight deadline, Hand & Lock used the hand guided machine to create a suitable approximation of hand embroidery.

Multiple embroideries at different stages of completion were created in the signature family colours for both the Bridgerton and Fetheringtons, with the actors shown working on their embroideries throughout the series.

Bridgerton Embroidery

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