Brand & Marketing Coordinator

Sarah McDougall

Sarah has a Masters in Decorative Arts from Nottingham Trent and has run her own homewares business for five years. She joined Hand & Lock in 2022.

Hailing from Shropshire, Sarah first discovered a love for the arts at school. She later went on to Nottingham Trent to gain a Bachelors and Masters degree in Decorative Arts. While not an embroiderer herself, she has a long standing appreciation for the craft, and sought out the skills of artist Milligan Beaumont to add personal embroidered motifs to her wedding dress.

Running her own homewares business for five years taught Sarah the importance of e-commerce and social media to the promotion of high value handmade products. After the pandemic, she joined Hand & Lock as the Brand & Marketing Coordinator managing the ecommerce platform and oversees product photoshoots, newsletters and all social media.

Always keen to hear from the Hand & Lock community Sarah reads customer comments and uses this feedback to improve the offering. Most of all, she enjoys the variety of work that comes her way, working in a creative team environment and growing an established brand. She enjoys special projects, events and collaborations with other brands.

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