Embroidery Restorations and Repair

From historic textiles to contemporary fashion repairs

Textile’s, haute couture and historic embroideries are notoriously prone to damage. Each requires specialist care to be preserved and maintained in optimum condition, and each needs expert attention when damaged. Hand & Lock’s dedicated team will take time to review each embroidery restoration and produce a detailed report outlining how we can tackle the restoration. Using appropriate period techniques and sympathetic materials, Hand & Lock can arrest the progress of decay and extend the life of precious textiles by many years.

Hand & Lock have been trusted to restore some of the nation’s most treasured textiles. From precious couture repairs, to stabilising historic textiles, Hand & Lock can work with you to develop and execute a comprehensive plan. In addition to our skilled in-house embroiderers we can also call upon and co-ordinate specialists from other fields. With our expertise we can manage the restoration of all aspects of your project and ensure you have faith that your textile or garment is ready for the coming decades.

Prices for restoration work are subject to factors including complexity, materials, size, relief, design and repair times.

To find out more about this service or any of the services offered by Hand & Lock please contact us on the form below or call our London studio on 0207 580 7488.

Examples of our restoration and repair work

Some of the most intricate and fragile embroideries that require our attention belong to the Church and Monarchy. We are routinely trusted to stabilise and prevent damage or in some cases, where the textile’s are crumbling, transplant the stable elements to new material.

Rampant Lion embroidery transplanted onto stable backing
Ecclesiastical restoration and repair
Altar front restoration
St Margaret's Church Altar Frontal repairs
Restoration work on the King Edward Banner

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