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With a surge in the desire for customisation, the fashion patch is having a moment in fashion.

Originally rooted in Chinese tradition and military ceremony, the patch look has found a new home within pop culture and has become a reflection of a mainstream zeitgeist. The ability to play off current cultural themes has opened the doors for designers and brands to find quick success by tapping into that popularity and adding a unique twist.  As a result, new styles of patches are appearing everywhere that are more quirky and cheeky and also accepted in high fashion.

It is now all about the simplicity of having fun with fashion and giving basic fashion pieces a unique and playful look. Fast fashion and mass produced garments are providing customers with new ways to stand out and this has paved the way for Hand & Lock to re-energise the world of patches. Iconic fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Anya Hindmarch and Levi’s are incorporating embroidered garments into their collections. However, patches weren’t always a fashion statement and it took years for the patch to evolve from utility to accessory. Whether a consumer is expressing their personality on their denim jackets or decorating their jeans, fashion patches allow consumers to have fun with fashion and create something unique

In celebration of a return to the nostalgic, Hand & Lock have updated the collection of fashion patches with a wave of new designs to dress up and personalise denim jackets, jeans, bombers and rucksacks which can be bought on the Hand & Lock shop and at a special pop up station, located in the denim section of Topshop where staff are on hand to help you choose your favourite patches and work out where you want to place them on your items. Expert embroiderers will ensure your garment speaks to your unique personality.

Neon Pineapple
Pink Smiley
Oh Jeff Fashion Patch
Peace Fingers

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