Sample of the Month: May

Coral Motion

This month, Prize Co-ordinator Sophie Carr introduces us to her favourite sample and explains how she uses it to inspire the next generation of embroiderers.

“This is one of my favourite samples from the Hand & Lock ‘Bead Room’. The clustered embellishment changes as the fabric moves and reminds me of the mesmerising, almost hypnotic, motion of coral in tidal waters. I like to take on my visits to universities to inspire students when I am invited to talk about the Prize for Embroidery. The aesthetic as a whole is extremely

impressive, with different three-dimensional aspects, however, I ask students to look closely and decipher what techniques have been used in the clusters of embellishment. Some of the beading techniques are quite simple, however seeing them juxtaposed with different heights and colours, creates an extremely interesting and captivating piece.”


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