Bentley x Hand & Lock

Incorporating traditional fabrics into luxury, sustainable design.

To celebrate 100 years to the day after the brand was founded, Bentley, revealed  their new concept car, the EXP 100 GT Concept. Keen to emphasise their British heritage, Bentley had partnered with London embroidery house Hand & Lock to produce a special luxury finish to the interior of the car. The exterior has a 5.8-metre body and a dramatic new face, while two-metre wide doors open upwards to create a real sense of arrival.

The interior takes Bentley craftsmanship in a new direction by seamlessly fusing sustainable materials with technology. It incorporates new directions being explored by Bentley, including the use of light in creating a wellness-enriching environment and Adaptable Biometric Seating that adds to the feeling of wellbeing.


It was here Hand & Lock’s expertise came into play.

The internal veneers transition to a woven textile from Gainsborough Mill, a 100 year-old British fabric weaver, using sustainable cotton dyes. In turn this woven textile was embroidered with the traditional embroidery techniques of ‘Trapunto’, dating back to the 14th Century. The raised quilting adds depth and comfort to the interior; an innovative fusion of materials, where traditional craftsmen collaborated to experiment with techniques to create a modern look.

Watch the video to explore the amazing new car.


Bentley EXP 100-GT front-seats studio
bentley and Hand & Lock
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