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A showcase of full fashion garments and seasonal embroidery samples


Hand & Lock have been at the forefront of modern embroidery since the birth of the modern fashion era. Our team continuously work to push embroidery design and application in new exciting directions.

Throughout the year we produce multiple sample collections interpreting the major seasonal fashion trends.

Floral prints become 3D flowers with leather petals, geometric shapes become applique panels with gold billions and colour blocking becomes red ostrich feathers hand sewn down in their thousands.

We also produce an annual collection of fully rendered garments to showcase embroidery ideas made whole. Each year the collection is conceived by our in-house design team, developed and sampled in our London atelier before panels of embroidery are produced by our partners in India.

The final garment construction is undertaken back in our London studio by our experienced team.

The samples and completed garments are intended to inspire our clients and encourage them to embrace embroidery. A small selection of these pieces can be seen here and more can be seen when you make an appointment to see a designer.





The floral collection, chenille and floss florals with goldwork
Abstract collection, sequin honeycomb with bullion loops
Abstract collection, seed beads and foil.
Abstract collection, sequins, bullion loops, bugles and more
The floral collection, lilac and silver tonal foliage
The White collection, fur and leather snowdrops

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