Sample of the Month: September

An Incredible piece of Emotional Heritage

This month H&L’s Communications Coordinator and newest member of the team Sasha Danker, chooses her favourite embroidery sample from our plethora of beautiful pieces.

“This sample caught my eye immediately because of the elaborate design and the bold colours used. Decorated in red faceted and glistening gold coloured beads and embellished with gold metallic thread, this sample is colourful, fun and intricately beautiful. The Aztec inspired design immediately conjured an emotional reaction for me because of my Native American heritage. In Native American culture, garments are primarily used to symbolise status and tell a story.

Traditional to the Aztec culture, the more prestigious the clothing, the more brightly coloured it became. Gold was often used in clothing, and pendants, feathers, furs, and other forms of decoration such as beading were used to adorn garments. Native American tribes today still follow tradition in the dress. This design is rooted in a long and inspirational history and it’s no wonder I fell in love with it.”

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