Digital Machine Embroidery Designer

Sarangua Sodnomjamts

Digital Embroidery Designer Sarangua studied at London College of Fashion before joining Hand & Lock in 2019.

Sarangua, a Mongolian Brit born in Czechia, studied Fashion textiles at London College of Fashion. After working as a freelance digital embroiderer for clients such as Adidas, Sarabande and Wilcom she took over the management of the Hand & Lock digital embroidery team in October 2019. Impressing with her specialist technical knowledge of digital embroidery design, she demonstrated a true passion for design and a strong work ethic.

At Hand & Lock her work is a mix of client facing consultations, bespoke digital design and coordinating the work flow. Sarangua balances the day to day running of the department with a flair for artistic embroidery design. She knows her way around machine maintenance and creating 3D embroidery but her favourite commissions tend to be sentimental embroideries that will be treasured for decades to come.

Knowing how materials respond to the machine is the cornerstone of great machine embroidery. Sarangua’s confidence is borne of years of freelance design experience combined with a natural passion for the smallest of embroidery details.

Examples of Recent Work
Machine embroidered leather for Pritch London
Machine embroidered crest
Bespoke digitally embroidered wolf
Machine embroidered motifs on a waist jacket

Sarangua is like a comic book superhero with superhuman embroidery skills and a secret dual identity. Her most lethal weapon is her singing voice.

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