Studio Manager

Lynne Gardner

London born Lynne is as passionate about customer service as she is about fashion. A meticulous, detail oriented, chatter box she will tidy up whatever you're working on before you've had a chance to blink.

Studio Manager Lynne Gardner has the twin responsibilities of being the main point of contact for most of our customers and the person in charge of the smooth running of our busy studio. Inspired early on to make her own clothes (which she puts down to be vertically challenged), she received a first class honours degree in Fashion Design from Essex University before joining H&L as an intern and working her way up Studio Manager in April 2018.

She would describe her job as ‘firefighting with threads’ but in reality it’s more like firefighting with spreadsheets. The job of Studio Manager at H&L requires extreme organisation, a laser-like focus and the ability to keep track of hundreds of jobs as they move through the studio from one department to another. Lynne manages this herculean task with grace, humour and wit.

Customers benefit from Lynne’s extensive understanding of fashion and textiles, as well as her attention to detail and informed guidance. In return Lynne enjoys the collaborative and creative process offered by clients keen to experiment and make bold embroidery choices.

Examples of Recent Work
Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood SS18
Craig Green SS18, details by Hand & Lock

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