Communications and eCommerce Assistant

Lukáš Hubáček

Czech born Lukáš studied Advertising, PR and Media at Middlesex University before setting up his own online business. He joined Hand & Lock in 2019 to help develop Hand & Lock’s online presence.

Lukáš joins the Hand & Lock communications team with a specific digital skill set developed at university and through operating his own online company. With a strong digital intuition he strives to engineer the perfect online shopping experience for customers, bringing the in-atelier experience to the online environment.

Since joining, Lukáš has been project managing the development of a new eCommerce platform. He also assists the communications team reach new audiences using sophisticated social media campaigns. He is passionate about Hand & Lock’s digital future, believing online being the best place to share Hand & Lock’s passion for embroidery.


Keen to learn about the offline world of embroidery, Lukáš is interested in military and historical embroideries and enjoys projects where old embroideries are meticulously restored. Tentatively interested in big fashion projects, Lukáš enjoys when the team casually mention the likes of Gucci, Prada and McQueen.

A smart, technical and analytical thinker, Lukas is a great addition to the communications team. But, he is so young he doesn’t know what a CD is or how to operate a landline.