Embroidery Designer

Esme Nicole Burgess-Lamb

North Yorkshire born Esme Nicole Burgess-Lamb studied Fashion at the University of Lincoln before joining Hand & Lock in 2019  

Straight talking, Esme Nicole Burgess-Lamb embraced embroidery as part of her final year studying Fashion at the University of Lincoln. A trained ballerina, Esme brings the precision of ballet to her design work and jokes that a prick from a needle will never be as painful as wearing pointe shoes.


Esme is skilled in garment construction, textiles and embroidery design and is especially well placed to understand and anticipate the impact embroidery can have on an overall design. Of all her tasks she enjoys working to an open brief, where she has free reign to conduct her own research into the subject.

Adept with Adobe photoshop and illustrator she is meticulous in putting together her designs. For one embroidery there might be up to three annotated drafts; one for outlines and relief, another for colours and materials, and a third for stitch direction. Her favourite moment is when her design is brought to life in embroidery.

Embroidery for Alex May Hughes
Embellishments for a Daniel Crozier ballgown
Restoration work on the King Edward Banner
Stubbs and Wooton Slipper embroidery

"Esme is a designer wise beyond her years, dresses like Audrey Hepburn and can rap like Eminem."

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