Introduction To ‘Goldwork Hand Embroidery’ - Lima, Peru 2020

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Istituto de Modas, Arte & Diseño (MAD) Av. Primavera 850. Chacarilla. Furrow (10,183.01 km) Lima 33 Lima, Peru


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22-26 June 2020

Goldwork embroidery is the art of hand embroidery with metal threads. Historically ‘Goldwork Embroidery’ is associated with ancient religious attire, royal ceremonial costumes, military clothing, contemporary haute couture, interior design, and as well as being widely used artistically. Traditionally, imitation threads of gold, silver, copper or other colour are used allowing embroiderers to create designs of metal surfaces that reflect light with dazzling effects. A clear example is The Tunic of Coronation that Queen Elizabeth II of England wore in her coronation in 1953.

Hand & Lock and Bella Lane Embroidery welcome you to discover this beautiful English-style embroidery art of ‘Goldwork’ at the prestigious Institute of Fashion, Art & Design (MAD: Instituto de Moda, Arte y Diseño) in Lima, Peru, thus inaugurating the first Workshop of this type in Peru.

In the course of five days (lasting from Monday to Friday) the participants will learn the fundamentals, history, protocol, design and technique of this beautiful art of hand embroidery in the best traditional European English style.

We will work on an organic design, starting with the professional embroidery technique with the transfer of the design to the fabric. Then we will learn the appropriate use of the embroidery frames to set everything ready to begin the work of padding, familiarization with the technique of embroidery of gold threads, their care and the manipulation of the threads.

Note: All the threads we provide in the Course are handmade and produced in the United Kingdom.