Sample of the Month: August

Goldwork Military Cuff

This month H&L’s Head Designer Scott Gordon Heron chooses a sample from the historical collection and explains why he chose the piece.

This goldwork embroidery, which is a cuff and part of a Privy counsellors uniform and still worn today, epitomises late Georgian aesthetics and traditional embroidery values in the goldwork style for a ceremonial context. The subject of the design being foliage pays homage to the historical association of the oak tree with England.

With the oak leaf and acorn being recurring motifs in almost all English ceremonial and military uniform embroideries. I find this piece most alluring because of the demonstration in technical skill and its intrinsic patronage.

Privy counsellors uniform
Privy counsellors uniform
Embroidered Military Cuff Hand & Lock
Goldwork detail
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