The Embellished Handbag

A Celebration of 250 years of Fashion and Embroidery

‘The Embellished Handbag: A Celebration of 250 years of Fashion and Embroidery’ showcases Hand & Lock’s collaborations with a selection of internationally renowned luxury accessory companies which feature an array of one of a kind, uniquely embellished handbags.

The private unveiling of the thirteen piece collection was held at the Victoria and Albert museum in London on February 1st 2017. The collaboration showcases the fusion of the renowned Hand & Lock embroidery with thirteen different brand aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from a variety of avenues, each of the thirteen brands is bringing to life a visual identity with roots in their brand history. Brands involved in the project include French brand Agnes B, Alfie Douglas, Aspinal, Asprey, BVS Design, Globe Trotter, House of Holland, American brand Jill Haber, Lost Property of London, Lulu Guinness, Patrick Cox, The Cambridge Satchel Company and Vivienne Westwood.

After embarking on a world tour, the embellished handbags will be auctioned at Grosvenor House by world renowned auction house Sotheby’s where proceeds will go to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) and the Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery.

“The Embellished Handbag” will feature in our London Exhibition as part of our 250th anniversary celebrations. For your opportunity to see the handbags, purchase tickets to our London Exhibition at the Bishopsgate Institute here

AGNES B. "EVENING OVER NIGHT" -The embroidery is inspired by a photograph of Paris by night, taken in a car, by Agnès. The subtle colours and blurred effects of the lights in the photograph are translated in the embroidery using the traditional technique of silk shading.
ALFIE DOUGLAS "MARBLE WONDER" Using ethically sourced, vegetable-tanned calfskin from Italy, Alfie Douglas creates a minimalistic, distinctive, and unisex style for this bag. The Hand & Lock embroidery reflects and evokes the feeling of marble using silk floss threads and appliqued silk.
HOUSE OF HOLLAND "SONIA" Inspired by it’s debut as a showpiece in the House of Holland AW16 RTW, this embellished bag features eclectic techniques of silk shading, goldwork and 3D bead work in bright colours to highlight the playful design.
VIVIENNE WESTWOOD "TIGER" Based on the original Tiger bag from the 2001 Vivienne Westwood Collection, the elaborate tiger shape and detail of the bag is accentuated with traditional goldwork, tambour beading, and appliqued chiffon fabric. The highly textured bag uses a wide range of bullions in shades of gold, bronze and copper alongside antique gold and black silk thread. Traditional embroidery techniques applied to fabric from the original Gold Label collection makes this bag one of a kind and rich in heritage.
ASPREY "THE 1781 WOODLAND" Asprey's iconic 1781 handbag with it’s heritage of hand craftsmanship, is epitomised with expanses of goldwork oak leaves and intricate acorns in this collaboration with Hand & Lock. Each detail has been carefully considered and the embroidery design perfectly complements the royal blue seta crocodile of the handbag. Asprey has a long history of using crocodile, a precious material carefully manipulated by Asprey’s artisans, true masters of their craft.
Embroidered Cambridge Satchel bag
LOST PROPERTY OF LONDON "MINI ELWIN" The Mini Elwin Embroidered Basket is a contemporary take on a LPOL classic bucket bag with Hand & Lock’s embellishments. LPOL’s logo, the magpie, inspired the embroidery in this collaboration. With monochrome geometric lines, and touches of cobalt and green, the hand embroidery sits beautifully with the vegetable-tanned liquorice black leather whilst the goldwork and silver plate work compliment the finely styled hardware.
JILL HABER "THE GUARDIAN" The bag is boldly embroidered in silk embroidery and the traditional goldwork technique. Jill Haber’s signature silhouette “Charles” is emblazoned with the Hamsa amulet. This motif symbolizes protection against evil, strength, good luck and power.
ASPINAL OF LONDON "ENGLISH GARDEN" Part of the Aspinal of London’s Shield Lock Family, the restyled Mayfair bag is a contemporary take on the vintage original. The Hand & Lock embroidery is based on an existing Aspinal design, featuring poppies and butterflies. The exquisite, appliqued motifs are embroidered using hand guided machine, silk shading embroidery to delicately embellish this classic design.
LULU GUINNESS "THE KISS" This bag is an ideal marriage of Lulu Guinness’ trademark red lipstick and Hand & Lock’s traditional use of military style embroidery known as goldwork. Embodying Lulu Guiness' famous pop art style, the design combines traditional techniques and modern glamour. The reverse of the bag features a phrase written by Lulu Guinness that has been transcribed in embroidery using goldwork with alternate strands of red and traditional gold bullion, a gracious nod to the brand’s quirkiness, in harmony with the red leather. A truly iconic embroidery technique and a truly iconic British bag.
GLOBE-TROTTER "THE TRAVELER" Inspired by a true story of an air stewardess named Hilary, who adorned her Globe-Trotter bags with reminders of her travels around the world. The bag is embellished with hand embroidered artwork taking inspiration from the memorabilia featured on Hilary’s original bag. Each intricately embroidered badge has elements of goldwork and Swarovski crystals, incorporating contemporary colours to emphasise the beautiful features of the original bag.
PATRICK COX "THE ROYAL SHOPPER" Patrick Cox's iconic trademark logo, the fleur-de-lis, is featured on this simple canvas tote bag, with traditional goldwork evoking a distinct sense of opulence. With the raw functionality of the bag and the contrastingly lavish logo, linked through history with Royalty, the design celebrates timeless style and craftsmanship.
BVS DESIGN "GRAFTON" The embroidery on the bag features the majestic cheetah depicted in goldwork using graphite and grey colours. The image of the cheetah was chosen for the design to raise awareness of the cheetah’s threat of extinction, this is symbolised in the claws breaking through the material as a cry for attention to their predicament.