Team Management- Event Co-ordinator

Ella Yeoman

Born in Bedfordshire, Ella studied at the Arts University Bournemouth and graduated with a BA in Textiles.

Ella joined Hand & Lock working as a personalisation specialist at the Hand & Lock Topshop Concession. Her interest and skills within digital embroidery from her time at University, were transferred into using the digital embroidery machine and the Irish machine at the Topshop Concession.

With the growing interest of the Topshop concession from other brands, Ella then became Hand & Locks event coordinator. She currently manages the Topshop concession as well as organises and coordinates all of Hand & Locks out of house monogramming events.

Interest in monogramming events has had a significant increase and our clientele database has expanded to include various designer brands. We have had monogramming stations placed in Levi, Converse, Nike, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.

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