London Embroidery Conference

For one day, hear expert speakers from across the embroidery spectrum (10am - 4pm)

As part of Hand & Lock’s 250th year celebrations we are heading to London’s Bishopsgate Institute in 2017.

The London Embroidery Conference 2017, explores the enduring appeal of embroidery across craft, fashion and textile arts. By looking at historical textile practices and the history of fashion we are able to recognise emerging practices today and better predict where embroidery is going in the future. Expert speakers, practitioners and teachers from around the world will gather to debate, network and learn about the long history of embroidery and where the practice is heading.


Speakers Include:

• Principal Costume Embroiderer on Game of Thrones, Michele Carragher

• Fashion Historian, Amber Butchart

• Director of the Textile Research Centre, Dr Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood

• Artistic Director of the Embroiderers’ Guild, Anthea Godfrey

• Trend Forecaster, Geraldine Wharry

• Senior Curators of the Imperial War Museum, Alan Jeffreys and Martin Boswell

• Haute Couture Embroidery Designer, Justine Avril

Divided in two three sections, the conference will cover Heritage, The Now and The Future of Embroidery.

‘Heritage’ will explore the nuanced history of embroidery as a means of religious and secular expression and how the practice evolved into a means of personal fashionable expression. We will discuss the origins of the techniques still used today and how they have changed. ‘Now’ will explore how contemporary embroidery is at once a craft, an art and tool used in high fashion. Our panel and guest speakers will share their experiences as working designers and embroiderers in the 21st Century and discuss the impact of recent economic, technological and social changes. The ‘Future of Embroidery’ will attempt to predict the impact technology and globalisation will have on the practice of embroidery in the years to come.

Join Hand & Lock this July for a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore an embellished history.

Thursday 13 July (10am - 4pm)

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12th - 13th July

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Mon 3 - Fri 7 July 2017

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‘An understanding of the past is vital to equip us with the skills to tackle the future’

— Jessica Pile , H&L Director