Goldwork Workshop (L1). December 2, 2017

10.00 - 4.30

86 Margaret St, London W1W 8TE


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Hand & Lock have been using the ancient technique known as Goldwork to apply a metallic, rich finish to couture for nearly 250 years. Traditionally for ceremonial, ecclesiastical or military garments, Goldwork is a great technique to instantly give a dynamic aesthetic and glamour. Using metal bullions in an array of colours – embroiderers can give their garments a rich luxurious finish adding weight and sophistication.

Hand & Lock are now running weekend workshops sharing our impressive know how and experience in this field. This is a rare chance to visit our central London Atelier and learn from a highly experienced master.

The class is suitable for beginners and students will achieve Level 1 upon completion. This weekend class covers the basics of cut work, passing, padding and Purl Pearl. Fast workers will come away with a completed design and all fully equipped to go on and apply what they have learned to their own garments and develop their own unique styles.

Throughout the day, students will learn the following:

– Soft string padding

– Felt padding

– Pearl purl

– Cut work in smooth and rough bullion

– Chips

In this class, students will be working with a Lotus Flower Design. All materials are provided by Hand & Lock and students are able to take the embroidery pack home.